A forecasting tool for the media industry

“’Make of yourself a light,’
said the Buddha,
before he died.” – Mary Oliver, in her poem “The Buddha’s Last Instruction.”

Is there anywhere a “Who’s who” of mountain-weather forecasters?

During the 50 or so years I’ve spent hiking, climbing and skiing across the world’s mountain ranges, one thing remains certain: A reliable weather forecast can be a life-saver.

You just have to remember it’s a forecast, and nothing more.

Personal experience and a bit of natural intuition will get you far in the outdoors, but it’s always nice to have something on which to base that intuition and those final decisions.

Since 2010, Jerry Roberts, mostly of Ridgway, has called on his wide-ranging experience in the weather and snow science fields (along with an enviable list of contacts) to provide some well-grounded forecasting and other mind-bending topics on his equally wide-ranging blog site THE RŌBERT REPORT, and now he and a cadre of extremely talented weather and avalanche forecasters have teamed to form The Mountain Weather Masters.

This amalgam of talent aims to provide needed mountain-weather forecasting to the TV, motion picture and digital media industry and for special events, although you might not call on them to answer if it’s going to rain on Aunt Suzi’s birthday party in the park.

“Forecast for tonight: Dark.” – George Carlin.



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